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Friday, December 19, 2003


Godspell performed at CCHS

At times, it was exhausting just to watch the cast of 13 teenagers performing in Godspell last weekend at Concord-Carlisle High School. The students, four of them from Carlisle, all exuded what appeared to be boundless energy, enthusiasm and talent as they danced, sang and acted their ways through Stephen Schwartz's musical version of the gospel according to St. Matthew.

The show opened with the complex musical number "Tower of Babel," which ends in a cacophony of brilliantly conflicting solo lines. This chaos was interrupted by John the Baptist (played by junior Alex Brewer, from Carlisle), singing "Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord" and signaling the arrival of Jesus (performed by senior Alex Moore). Most of the show then focuses on Jesus taking the ensemble (a.k.a the disciples) on a lighthearted musical journey through the parables. Carlisle resident Jenny Zuk, a junior, performed "Day by Day," which is perhaps the most recognized number from the show. Senior Nikki Armistead and junior Olivia Vienneau also from Carlisle performed another well-known number, "By My Side."

The lighthearted fun inevitably ends, culminating with the Last Supper, heart-rending good-byes and the crucifixion. The cast did an admirable job making the switch from child-like fun to sorrow. The timing of this show just before Christmas also gave the performances a particular poignancy.

Several other Carlisle students also contributed to the musical, including junior Michael Johnson as the stage manager; and sophomore Ben Brewer, who played guitar in the pit band. Other Carlisle students also helped behind the scenes.

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