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Friday, December 12, 2003


Since November 24, telephone customers in selected communities in the Commonwealth, including Carlisle, have had the option of transferring their landline or wireline telephone number to their cellular phone · a process known as local number portability (LNP). However, state authorities are warning citizens that doing this will affect their 911 emergency ...more

Fifteen or so early birds attended the Conservation Commission's monthly morning coffee to hear and question the new manager of the Eastern Massachusetts National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Elizabeth (Libby) Herland. Her focus was the proposed management plan for the Great Meadows, Assabet River and Oxbow national wildlife refuges that was made available for ...more

The clock has begun to tick on the Carlisle Woods application for a 40B Comprehensive Permit. Walter Eriksen of the Massapoag Real Estate Development Corporation gave his opening presentation to the Carlisle Board of Appeals on Thursday, December 4. With approval by the Massachusetts Housing Finance Committee in hand, the developer presented his plans for ...more

The Board of Selectmen reviewed the recommendations of the Wireless Facilities Plan Steering Committee (WFPSC) on cell tower placement at their meeting on Tuesday. Tom Lane of the Planning Board explained that the recent report by the Broadcast Signal Lab (BSL) was clear in its recommendation that a strong signal was needed in the center of town ...more

An item that appeared on the Conservation Commission's December 4 agenda as a routine Notice of Intent to install a septic system in an undeveloped lot, ended up sparking a broader discussion of Carlisle's regulatory structure. An application submitted by developer William Costello and presented by Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos attracted not ...more

On December 2, Superintendent Brenda Finn of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District responded to questions from the Carlisle Finance Committee which probed her beliefs and strategies relevant to setting priorities for the high school budget. Although the FinCom has not yet finalized a guideline the fiscal year 2005 (FY05) budget for Concord-Carlisle ...more

· CCHS renovation delayed. RSC Chair Mike Fitzgerald reported "The likelihood we'll go to Town Meeting in the spring is minimal." He cited "competing capital projects," noting a Concord committee has recommended putting off high school construction to 2011 to give priority to elementary schools in that town. He added, "There ...more

"The results of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment tests (MCAS) show Carlisle students to be consistently good, with a big gap between the Carlisle students and the rest of the state. I am not a big fan of the tests but one can learn from them. That is the good news," said Carlisle School math coordinator and eighth-grade math teacher Rob ...more

· Basketball Schedule. Superin-tendent Davida Fox-Melanson presented the winter boys and girls basketball schedule to the Carlisle School Committee on Wednesday, December 3. Games in the surrounding towns of Concord, Bedford, Acton, Tyngsboro, Wellesley, Lincoln, and Weston and at the Diamond and Clarke Schools begin December 22 and continue until ...more

I am doing another round of state-required barn inspections and overall this is a pretty satisfying happy experience in Carlisle. Carlisle has lovely domestic animals, many so beautiful as to take one's breath away, warm fuzzy art forms. ...more

The Carlisle Fire Department responds to about ten calls for chimney and/or woodstove problems and fires each year. As we approach the heating season, and as the cost of fuel oil and gas increase, fireplace and woodstove use is on an increase also. This is the time of the year to review chimney and woodstove safety. There is still time to accomplish necessary ...more

7:30 P.M. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes , agenda items ...more

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