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Friday, December 12, 2003


Here it is, two weeks until Christmas and perhaps you're experiencing a vaguely unsettled feeling that something's missing. It's not about the gifts you still need to buy, cards that need sending, or decorations that aren't quite decking the halls. There's an inner emptiness, a feeling of not being fully involved in the season. If this sounds familiar, perhaps ...more

Speaking as an eternal optimist, my hope is that as a town we can find a way to manage Affordable Housing Developments (a.k.a. 40B). ...more

"May the gods of the tundra grant me lichen until I become lichen myself."

from Northern Latitudes by Larry Millman.

I have been looking around for some reindeer lichen (or reindeer moss as it is sometimes called) to write up for the Christmas season. I was sure I had found some and took it to a lichen identification session at Garden in the Woods for confirmation by an expert. I got the lump-of-coal award. ...more

Grade 9 ...more

On Saturday, November 22, several CCHS Band, Chorus and Orchestra students auditioned for the 2004 Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Northeast District Festival. The students performed solo auditions for professional adjudicators from across the state. Students who earn acceptance are placed in a District-wide Band, Chorus, Orchestra ...more

CCHS and the Concord-Carlisle community are connecting in a big way to a small village in Cambodia, thanks largely to the efforts of one very energetic woman. ...more

These just in

A glimpse at some new arrivals at Gleason Library: ...more

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