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Friday, December 12, 2003


CCHS music students excel

On Saturday, November 22, several CCHS Band, Chorus and Orchestra students auditioned for the 2004 Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) Northeast District Festival. The students performed solo auditions for professional adjudicators from across the state. Students who earn acceptance are placed in a District-wide Band, Chorus, Orchestra or Jazz Band with other students from schools across northeast Massachusetts.

Students from CCHS earning placement in this year's festival are: Michael Johnson (bass voice, chorus), Steven Chang (string bass, orchestra), Kevin Donoghue (violin, orchestra), Jason Pan (violin, orchestra), Meredith Boehm (trumpet, band), Laura Condon (flute, band), Molly Crowther (clarinet, band), Jacob Faucher (snare drum, band), Nate Johnson (clarinet, band), Susan Modeen (clarinet, band), Jeffrey Pan (mallets, band), Matthew Phillippo (clarinet, band), Ravi Ramanathan (trumpet, band), Maren Studlien (oboe, band) and Walter Woodward (clarinet, band).

Of the fifteen students earning placement at the District level, four students achieved scores high enough to qualify for the MMEA All-State Festival auditions in January. Those students are: Meredith Boehm, Ravi Ramanathan, Jacob Faucher and Jeffrey Pan. District participants will perform in a concert at Lowell High School on January 10.

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