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Friday, December 5, 2003


Almost a year to the day after a Carlisle Police team staged a dramatic stakeout and arrested two persons who had been breaking into cars parked at the canoe launch, they did it again, at the same place, using the same decoy car (offered for both occasions by Inspector Scott Barnes). The same red purse was on the back seat (this time they courteously put their ...more

At its November 24 meeting the Planning Board was asked by the Zoning Board of Appeals (BOA) to informally review a 40B permit application that the BOA had received for the construction of Carlisle Woods, an eight-unit development adjacent to 926 Maple Street. The BOA held a public hearing on the application last night, December 4 (after press time). ...more

Lest they be accused of shortsightedness with the recent disclosure of 17 short-term goals (see Mosquito, November 21), the Board of Selectmen unveiled eight long-term goals at their meeting on November 25. Thanksgiving week was to blame for the reduced attendance of the board as Chair Tim Hult led the discussion of the goals with members Doug Stevenson and ...more

Recent resignations and appointments. At their November 25 meeting, the Selectmen accepted the resignations of Gwyn Jones from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee and Scott Batchelder from the Board of Appeals, "with gratitude for the services to the Town of Carlisle." ...more

Six weeks after the September 11 attacks, Congress passed the USA Patriot Act by large majorities in the House (356-66) and Senate (98-1). The subtitle of the act defines its purpose: "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act." While most agree that the government must protect ...more

511 Brook Street, scenic roads violation. Property owner Scott Henderson asked for a continuance on the issue of how to mitigate the damages resulting from his removal of some stone walls and trees along the Brook Street scenic roadway to accommodate the construction of a septic system and retaining wall. At the October 27 hearing before the ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School Principal Art Dulong presented the 2003 MCAS results for CCHS tenth-graders to the Regional School Committee on November 25. Eighty-nine percent of students scored in the proficient or advanced category on the 2003 English Language MCAS test. Ten percent were in the needs improvement category and 1%, two students, in the warning ...more

Tim Atkins and Henry Dane of the non-profit C.C. Pools Inc. project (Concord-Carlisle Community Swim and Health Center) joined the Regional School Committee to explain the "re-listing" of high school property. The land, which was originally five separate lots, has been deeded into one lot of 93.6 acres. The site for the pool facility ...more

For residents who take to the woods or drive on the roads, please note that the deer-hunting season opened October 13. Carlisle is in zone ten, and the legal hunting dates are as follows: ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Public hearing: ...more

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