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Friday, December 5, 2003


The scientific community came up with a stunning revelation recently: that giving to others makes people feel good. Anyone who's ever put a dollar in a Salvation Army kettle or donated toys for underprivileged children could have saved those scientists a lot of time and money and offered this illuminating news flash, free. Even so, it's nice to have something ...more

I have just checked my calendar and, yes, there are only 20 days left until Christmas. If it's Hanukkah you and your family will be celebrating, then it is only two weeks until sundown on December 19 when that special eight-day celebration begins. Of course, what I am really thinking about is how much time I have left to find the right book to give to each ...more

Name: Goodyera pubescens common names are rattlesnake plantain, downy rattlesnake orchid, or net-leaf plantain. It is not actually a plantain, but an orchid a member of the orchidaceae. The rattlesnake part of the name is due to the markings on the leaves which somewhat resemble snakeskin, and at one time the leaves ...more

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