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Friday, December 5, 2003


CCHS principal reports 2003 MCAS scores

Concord-Carlisle High School Principal Art Dulong presented the 2003 MCAS results for CCHS tenth-graders to the Regional School Committee on November 25. Eighty-nine percent of students scored in the proficient or advanced category on the 2003 English Language MCAS test. Ten percent were in the needs improvement category and 1%, two students, in the warning category.

Math MCAS results were 80% in proficient or advanced, 17% in needs improvement, and 3% in warning. "We teach a very traditional mathematical curriculum," said Dulong, explaining that students who do poorly on the MCAS math test have consistently not done the full cycle of math courses at the high school.

A "needs improvement" or higher is needed for graduation. "It really is a high-stakes test," commented Dulong. "We have not had a student not receive a diploma" because of failing MCAS, he added.

"Are we doing anything to allay the anxiety [of students before they take the MCAS test]?" Fitzgerald asked Dulong. "We tell the students they will do well as long as they do what they do in class," answered Dulong. Homework is lighter during testing, and the teachers are instructed to watch for students who seem over-stressed. "They [the students] know it is important and feel nervous about it," concluded Dulong.

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