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Friday, December 5, 2003


Shorts from the Planning Board, November 24

511 Brook Street, scenic roads violation. Property owner Scott Henderson asked for a continuance on the issue of how to mitigate the damages resulting from his removal of some stone walls and trees along the Brook Street scenic roadway to accommodate the construction of a septic system and retaining wall. At the October 27 hearing before the board, Henderson was asked to return with a detailed landscaping plan that addressed the aesthetic and safety issues resulting from his construction of the concrete wall. Since the plans had not yet been completed, the board continued the hearing and asked that Henderson appear with such plans on December 8.

Grading and drainage on Lots 7 and 8, Hart Farm Estates. The Planning Board accepted a grading and drainage easement on Lots 7 and 8 of the Hart Farm Estates as part of the common driveway in the "as built" plans. The easement runs from the edge of the septic on Lot 8 to the (unbuildable) frontage strip on Lot 7. Although the easement was not included on the original plan, it was stated that the Board of Health needed the easement, which had already been signed and recorded at the Registry of Deeds.

Occupancy Permit for Hart Farm Estates Lot 8. The property owner of Lot 8 requested that the Planning Board authorize completion on his lot in order that he could obtain his occupancy permit on the property. The board, citing its jurisdiction over the roadway, questioned the integrity of the septic design and stated the town engineers had noticed that the slope was silting down and washing into the road. The board stated that the problem would need to be corrected to prevent any flooding on the roadway. Recognizing that resolution may not come until springtime due to weather conditions, the board stated that it could authorize completion if the property owner were to post a bond, which included a contingency fee and inflation factor, as well as grant the town permission to correct the problem if it was not completed by a certain time period.

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