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Friday, December 5, 2003


Shorts from the Selectmen, Nov. 25

Recent resignations and appointments. At their November 25 meeting, the Selectmen accepted the resignations of Gwyn Jones from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee and Scott Batchelder from the Board of Appeals, "with gratitude for the services to the Town of Carlisle."

Selectmen approved the appointment of Cynthia Nock, who is currently an associate member, to the Zoning Board of Appeals as a full member to complete Scott Batchelder's term ending June 30, 2004. They also approved the appointment of Steve Kirk as an associate member of the Board of Appeals until June 20, 2005. Chair Tim Hult pointed out the importance of having associate members, given sensitive upcoming applications where someone must attend all hearings to satisfy legal requirements.

Mary Bohn's appointment to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee was approved for a one year term, to expire June 30, 2004.

Cranberry Bog dam. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie reported that the Cranberry Bog dam is actually located in Chelmsford. The Carlisle Conservation Commission is working with the Chelmsford ConsCom and Carlisle farmer Mark Duffy to repair the dam. The two ConsComs have met to discuss a timetable for repairs. The Chelmsford ConsCom, with the aid of Duffy, hopes to make the necessary repairs by the end of the calendar year, weather permitting. Carlisle's Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard is working with her counterpart in Chelmsford and with Duffy to ensure that this is accomplished.

Yield sign on Laurelwood Drive. Police Chief Dave Galvin has recommended that a "Yield" sign be placed on Laurelwood Drive at the intersection of Laurelwood Drive and Milne Cove Road. This is a safety issue flagged by Vivian Chaput at an earlier Selectman's meeting and does not require a public hearing. The Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the recommendation.

Comcast contract renewal. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie reported that the town has received a letter from Comcast requesting that Carlisle begin the renewal process. The next step is that the Selectmen must hold a public hearing ("ascertainment proceeding") to provide an opportunity for residents to identify future cable-related needs and to review Comcast's performance under the current license. This must be done within six months.

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