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Friday, December 5, 2003


Selectmen unveil long-term goals

Lest they be accused of shortsightedness with the recent disclosure of 17 short-term goals (see Mosquito, November 21), the Board of Selectmen unveiled eight long-term goals at their meeting on November 25. Thanksgiving week was to blame for the reduced attendance of the board as Chair Tim Hult led the discussion of the goals with members Doug Stevenson and Tony Allison. Rather than assign individuals to each goal as was done with the short- term goals, Hult indicated that the eight long-term goals belong to everybody on the board.

1. Retain empty nesters: Work with the Planning Board, Board of Assessors, Housing Authority, Council on Aging, and Town Administrator to research, examine, and evaluate all resources available to communities to make remaining in Carlisle a viable option for seniors.

"We want to keep people here for the long term," said Allison as Hult and Stevenson agreed on the importance of keeping the tax rate reasonable.

2. Evaluate school needs: Work with the School Committee to understand the needs and examine the alternative solutions. Town school expansion is presently on the shelf as recent numbers indicate there was not as much growth as anticipated.

3. Revenue sources: Review the town's fee structure and work with town boards to identify alternative revenue sources. This includes a follow-up response to the Revenue Enhancement Committee report.

4. Traffic issues: Work with the Town Administrator, Police Chief, Highway Superintendent, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee to examine the current and future traffic issues faced by Carlisle and to find methods of alleviating traffic problems.

One possible solution is to form a Traffic Concerns Committee to help manage the town's traffic problems. At least one selectman would be on the committee, whose purpose would be to respond to the traffic concerns of the town citizens.

5. Affordable housing: Work with the Housing Authority to develop a multifaceted approach to developing affordable housing in Carlisle. Work with the Housing Authority and Community Preservation Committee to identify possible locations. This is an extension of a similar short-term goal assigned to members Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine.

6. Build-out management: Work with the town boards and Town Administrator to identify what the needs of the community will be at build-out. Carlisle is so far ahead of other towns in build-out planning that it's not clear what needs to be done next.

7. Master plan update: Work with the Town Administrator and town boards to update a Master Plan for the community. Work with the Planning Board to utilize Executive Order 418. This is presently in the works under the aegis of the Planning Board.

8. Organization: Work with the Town Administrator and various departments to evaluate the current structure of government and what changes might be necessary as the population of the community increases. Evaluate the number of employees required.

The Selectmen plan to look at the current way employees are placed throughout the organization. Chair of the Finance Committee, Lisa Jensen-Fellows, Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, and Hult plan to meet soon to discuss the situation.

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