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Friday, December 5, 2003


Planning Board comments on Carlisle Woods 40B application

At its November 24 meeting the Planning Board was asked by the Zoning Board of Appeals (BOA) to informally review a 40B permit application that the BOA had received for the construction of Carlisle Woods, an eight-unit development adjacent to 926 Maple Street. The BOA held a public hearing on the application last night, December 4 (after press time).

After reminding the group that the Planning Board has no legal jurisdiction over the 40B application and is acting in an advisory role only, Chair Louise Hara raised a number of issues that should be addressed in the application. In general, the board did not feel that the application provided adequate plans for BOA action. For example, the plans did not firmly establish the means of access from the lots to the public way at Carlisle Street in Billerica, and the Board suggested that the location of such easement, whether in Carlisle or Billerica, must be addressed. In addition, the plans lacked adequate calculations of drainage and run-off from the road, as well as more detailed topographic plans for the road and septic plans for each lot. The board also pointed out that access to fire hydrants in both Carlisle and Billerica and the whole issue of fire supression need to be addressed. Finally, the board stated that it would ask the BOA if it could continue to provide some input as the application process continues.

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