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Friday, December 5, 2003


Carlisle's finest get their men in state park stakeout

The irresistible stakeout purse. (Photo by Lois d'Annunzio)

Almost a year to the day after a Carlisle Police team staged a dramatic stakeout and arrested two persons who had been breaking into cars parked at the canoe launch, they did it again, at the same place, using the same decoy car (offered for both occasions by Inspector Scott Barnes). The same red purse was on the back seat (this time they courteously put their police department business cards inside the purse). And again they were successful.

Carefully planned operation

On November 11 this year three cars parked at the state park canoe launch on North Road were burglarized and Lieutenant John Sullivan vowed, "We'll get them in two weeks." Working with a number of officers, police orchestrated the stakeout and then spent many hours in chilly vigils waiting for the plan to work. One day they had quit their stakeout just ten minutes before another car was broken into. On the morning of November 25, the plan involved Barnes hiding at the site and the other two in position blocking the exits. Sullivan waited on Curve Street and Officer Andy Booth on Pinebrook. They had been waiting from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. when their trap sprung. The three officers, guns extended, converged upon two astonished men who thought they were alone in the woods. Barnes said, "It was like catching mice."

Multiple charges filed

The men, John Moochie, 32, of Lowell, and George Montiminy, 45, also of Lowell, both had records and in fact, Moochie had been released from prison only two months previously. They were taken to the Concord court house and later transferred to Cambridge, with a $2,000 cash bond set on both.

The men were charged with the following: breaking into a motor vehicle, daytime felony, possession of burglarious tools, larceny under $250, and destruction of property (the window of Barnes' car). Although they did not admit to the break-ins on November 11, police obtained blood samples from the car window broken at that time. They have DNA information on Moochie from prison, so there is some possibility of a match and linking at least one of them to the November 11 burglaries.

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