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Friday, November 28, 2003


Library to assist Conservation Commission with forestry grant application

The Carlisle Conservation Com-mission (ConsCom) voted to work with the Gleason Public Library in exploring an application for a forestry education grant.

At a ConsCom meeting on November 20, commissioner Roy Watson introduced David Newman of East Street, holder of a degree in environmental management, who alerted the board to a small matching grant possibility. It would require ConsCom to work with the library on an educational project concerned with forest management. The possibility intrigued the commission, particularly since they have already consulted the New England Forestry Service and viewed examples of managed forest land both on the Lovejoy family's conservation-restricted land off West Street and on a major forestry project undertaken by the Town of Weston. Newman said the most important requirement was to get the community involved.

Commissioner Thomas Schultz suggested that ConsCom select one specific conservation parcel and develop a management plan for that, concurrent with an effort to develop community support. Newman was clear that any proposal should involve people of all ages and promote cooperation between local and state entities, but that it must be educational; hence the need to get the library involved.

The matching grant could enable a $10,000 management plan, $5,000 to come from the town and $5,000 from the grant itself. In-kind services would count toward the town's share.

Newman offered to meet with the director of the library to suggest a first step, perhaps a brainstorming session with the staff. Schultz volunteered to act as ConsCom liaison.

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