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Friday, November 28, 2003


Conservation Commission gets help at time of tight budgets: Pony Club offers money, Foss Farm improvements

In a period of tight town budgets, the Carlisle Conservation Commission (ConsCom) welcomed a $750 donation to its gift fund. The cash infusion came from the North Bridge Pony Club, which has been an active user of the 55-acre Foss Farm conservation parcel even prior to its purchase by the town in 1971.

Carlisle's Pony Club members Emily Holzman (left) and Katie Platt present a $750 donation to the Conservation Commission. (Photo by Midge Eliassen)

Cynthia Craft of Patch Meadow Lane, a liaison officer between the Pony Club and the Carlisle Equestrians who also frequent the Foss Farm pathways, accompanied two young club members to the November 20 presentation. Emily Holzman and Katie Platt explained that the youngsters had raised the substantial sum through a series of "Foss Farm Jumper Nights," a horsemanship show with judges and prizes "that raised a lot of money." They specified that $500 be used toward needed improvements to Foss Farm but gave the commission a free hand for the remaining $250. In return,the commission gave permission for jump equipment to be stored in the Greenough Barn.

ConsCom chair Tricia Smith thanked the club's representatives for their "really touching" gift and for the work the club has done to rehabilitate the existing ring, clear the way for a dressage facility and generally spruce up the place. The club members offered their help in clearing an area between the ring and a stand of trees that was once an open meadow but has shrunk over the years as buckthorn and other invasive vegetation started moving in. The target area will be flagged to allow Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard to approve the boundaries. Club leaders hope the renovated field will allow novice riders to get experience traveling on grassland.

Contributions welcomed

Commissioners expressed their appreciation for all the equestrians' contributions, both financial and otherwise, to the rejuvenation of the old farm. Commenting later, Willard noted that the commission is responsible for management of over 1,000 acres of town land, and that proper maintenance requires both time and money. Hence any contributions to the ConsCom Gift Fund are always occasions for rejoicing, as well as tax deductible.

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