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Friday, November 28, 2003


Shorts from the ConsCom, Nov. 20

· Town counsel advice sought. The Conservation Commission is asking for a meeting with town counsel to discuss the board's options in enforcement cases. Commissioner John Lee noted that ConsCom and other Carlisle boards tend to avoid enforcement and are generally more lenient than many of their counterparts in other towns. They would like advice as to criteria for determining that a line has been crossed, how best to craft an enforceable penalty and what support they can expect from the town when penalties are levied. Commissioner Roy Watson offered to draft a series of explicit questions the board would like answered. The ConsCom administrator was asked to attempt to schedule a meeting with counsel for January 22, with the expectation that they will be joined by the Historical Commission, which faces similar issues.

· 157 Berry Corner Lane. A letter was received from structural engineer Joel Lunger who was engaged by the Baliestiero family to review specifications for the retaining walls that will support the driveway to their new house and for the infiltration trench system designed to protect the stability and longevity of said walls. Lunger suggested no changes in the design as last proposed by engineers from Stamski and McNary, but the report noted that the fencing for the top of the wall has been revised as recommended by the commission. Lunger specified that foundations bear on "natural undisturbed till" and laid down rules for operation of construction equipment, as well as proper placement of stones used in the wall. The report was accepted as submitted.

· 84 Oak Knoll Road. A standard order of conditions was issued to Sherry and Dan Dillon for re-landscaping of areas within the 100-foot buffer zone of a wetland. Speaking for the applicants was landscaper Laura Kuhn, who recommended use of indigenous plants in the wet soil, rather than trying to extend the lawn area. After determining that a lightweight bobcat would be employed, the commission approved the plans.

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