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Friday, November 21, 2003


Less than 10% of Carlisle's 3,282 registered voters showed up at the polls on Tuesday to decide the fate of a $1.5 million wastewater treatment plant for the Carlisle Public Schools. The single question on the ballot passed by vote of 278 to 45. Earlier in the month, a Special Town Meeting had approved the appropriation by 195 to 1. A key factor in the strong ...more

A recent incident at Great Brook Farm has raised concern that "fox hunting" (a bit of a misnomer as no "fox" and no "hunting" are involved) could pose a danger to dogs and other users of the state park. On September 9, two dogs owned by the Marks family of Cutters Ridge Road were injured by hounds engaged in a fox hunt. These ...more

Chair Tim Hult presided over a discussion of short-term goals for fiscal year 2004 at the Board of Selectmen meeting on November 4. At least one member of the board was assigned to each task to ensure that it will be actively pursued. The seventeen work items that resulted from the hour-long brainstorming session are listed by priority below. ...more

Water policies, usually associated with desert states, have been low priority in Massachusetts. But in recent years, as development has put substantial stress on many of the state's aquifers, support has mounted for policies to promote better management of water resources. ...more

The major portion of the School Committee meeting on November 5 was taken up by a focus panel exercise directed by Richard Warren of the professorial search company, Future Management Systems. In business since 1979 the company has had 23 years experience working with over 300 school systems as well as with corporate and human service organizations. It hopes ...more

For residents who take to the woods or drive on the roads, please note that the deer-hunting season opened October 13. Carlisle is in zone ten, and the legal hunting dates are as follows: ...more

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes: 10/27 ...more

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