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Friday, November 21, 2003


Be alert: deer hunting season has started

For residents who take to the woods or drive on the roads, please note that the deer-hunting season opened October 13. Carlisle is in zone ten, and the legal hunting dates are as follows:

October 13 to November 22 Archery season,

December 1 to December 13 Shotgun season,

December 15 to December 31 Black powder or muzzle loader season,

Hunting is illegal in Carlisle except on private property, and then only when the hunter has on his person written permission from the owner of the property. The late season warmth has drawn hikers and bikers outdoors, but according to the Acton Wildlife office, the deer herd has not changed its annual cycle. The herd is always more active at this time of year because they are in rut. For two-legged creatures that means wear bright colors when you are out in the woods. Drivers should be especially alert at dawn and dusk for deer running across the road. They have other things on their minds.

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