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Friday, November 21, 2003


Carlisle Huskies girls soccer

Carlisle Huskies Girls Soccer. Pictured are, left to right: (Back row) Coach Denaro, Manager Maya Smith, Tracy D'Arbeloff, Shannon Mahoney, Amanda Caddell, Allie Hassara, Nikki Wortel, (middle row) Kerrie Bourque, Katie Mills, Jennifer Phillippou, Alison Mayer, Erinna Kilfoyle, Alex Schurr, (front row) Lena Shubina, Julia Hisey, Sarah Hoffman, and Irene Karafotias.

The Carlisle Huskies Girls' Soccer team continues to build and work hard in what is now their third season of play. The girls worked hard all season as they completed an 11-game schedule against some pretty tough competition.

The team consisted of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. All seven of the sixth graders worked extremely hard and contributed spirit and talent to the team. Kerrie Bourque was a talented striker and keeper for the team. Other strong players included Katie Mills, Julia Hisey, Allie Hassara, Alex Schurr, Irene Karafotias, and Tracy D'Arbeloff. These girls were willing to play wherever they were needed and made a great contribution to the team.

The seventh grade was represented by Amanda Caddell and Erinna Kilfoyle, both aggressive players and contributed to a tough offense.

Spending their last year on the team were co-captains Alison Mayer and Jennifer Phillippou. They started on the team in the sixth grade and have grown and developed their talent. They were outstanding captains and leaders. Alison was our starting sweeper, while Jennifer covered several positions as a starter and contributed where we needed her most.

Our other eighth graders included Lena Shubina and Sarah Hoffman who were both outstanding defensive players. Nikki Wortel was awesome as the keeper. She worked her way into this position during the season and proved to be pretty tough. Shannon Mahoney was our starting midfielder and she controlled the game. She is aggressive and talented and scored two awesome goals for the team.

We had a fun season with a great team. We wish the eighth graders well next year and will miss them. We look forward to all the sixth and seventh graders returning to keep the momentum going!

My thanks to the entire team for a great season.

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