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Friday, November 21, 2003


Carlisle Huskies 2003 boys soccer

Although their win-and-loss record may not have shown it, the 2003 Carlisle Huskies Boys' Soccer team has a lot to be proud of. Playing against larger schools and teams often twice their roster size, Carlisle always put forth its best effort. The team improved all year, finishing strong in an exciting 2-2 game with Hanscom.

Returning to the team from last year's squad were four eighth-graders; Michael Bagshaw, Alec Creighton, Zack D'Arbeloff and Bill Hisey who provided tremendous leadership. Bringing experience, knowledge, skill and hustle - whether in games or practice - these four boys set a great example of what it takes to be a teammate and a leader.

Bagshaw and Creighton anchored the Huskie defense all year long. Co-captain Bagshaw used his tremendous field awareness and strong legs as the team's last line of defense as sweeper. The times he moved up to midfield or the forward positions, Michael scored three goals this season. Playing in front of Michael was the aggressive Creighton. The Carlisle defense was strong because he was in the game.

Good hands and good instincts helped Zack D'Arbeloff put in a solid year as goaltender. Zack also played some midfield and forward, and was always a positive influence on his teammates.

"Invaluable" is the only word to describe co-captain Hisey on the field. Bill played center midfield every game this season, and was constantly around the action. Always a threat to score, he nailed quite a few big goals for the Huskies.

Also returning to the team from last year's squad were seventh graders Chris Bojanic and Eric Luby. Chris usually played in the midfield, but was versatile enough to play defensive and forward positions. With solid skills and plenty of soccer background, Chris was a formidable veteran all over the field.

Hustle, hustle, and hustle are the three words that come to mind when mentioning Luby. Usually found at right defense, Eric could be counted on to give 100%. He had great defensive instincts, and his quickness and dribbling ability made him a constant threat to steal the ball from the opposition and quickly move it up field.

The Huskies were a young team this year with sixth-graders making up half the team. Facing teams composed of mostly seventh- and eighth-graders, these first-year Huskie players held their own, and gained confidence with every game.

Sixth grader Zander Ansara played opposite of Eric most games at left defense. With a passion for defense, Zander worked hard all season. He made many key defensive plays, and improved dramatically along the way.

It was clear from the beginning that Kevin Clarke was a great athlete. Kevin split most games sharing goaltending duties with Zack, and producing vicious attacks on the opposition as a forward. Whether making fierce rushes up the field as forward or great saves as goalie, Kevin brought speed and aggression everywhere he went on the field. Alexander Cragan could usually be found at center forward for the Huskies. Alexander possesses tremendous dribbling ability, and used that ability to fake out attacking defenders. He was always one quick move from taking the ball upfield and creating great scoring opportunities for his team.

Alex Daniels used his versatility to play a few positions for the Huskies. Alex was most often at midfield or defense, but wherever he played, his many strengths help the team marking opposing forwards, dribbling upfield, and finding open teammates. Alex was an all-around team player. Another sixth-grader making valuable contributions to the team was Justin Harris. Justin has a nose for offense and his aggressive instincts at the forward positions led to quite a few scary moments for the opposing goaltenders. Not afraid to take on new ventures, Justin also played a few games in goal for the Huskies and put in some impressive performances.

Eager to play and determined to help his team in any way he could- Ian Henderson played defense, midfield, and forward. A team player with a great attitude, Ian is a welcomed addition to the team.

It was a fun and exciting season. Everyone contributed, and everyone improved. The parents supported the team at home and away games; bringing oranges and other foods, and were a great lift to the team.

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