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Friday, November 14, 2003


Planning Board hears Brook Street scenic road violation

At the request of property owner Scott Henderson, the Planning Board held a hearing on October 27 to review the removal of approximately 100 feet of stone wall and one or more 30-inch pine trees within the town's right-of-way adjacent to 511 Brook Street. Carlisle Tree Warden and Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis was also present.

Approval required

The owner's request came after a neighbor abutting the property brought to the attention of the Planning Board that a portion of a stone wall and trees had already been removed along the roadway to accommodate the construction of a new septic system and retaining wall. Henderson said he was unaware that Brook Street is a designated scenic road under Carlisle's bylaw, and thus Planning Board approval, following notice and a public hearing, is required before trees and stone walls on such a way can be altered or removed.

Proposed remediation

At the hearing the owner, along with the designer of the septic system, proposed to landscape the front of the retaining wall to minimize its surface appearance and make it more attractive. The Planning Board expressed its concern over the safety of pedestrian travel and snow removal in this area if shrubbery were added, given the proximity of the base of the wall to this already narrow stretch of road. The Board also questioned whether the wall could be leveled to a grade closer to the pavement. Ultimately, the Planning Board agreed that ivy and laurel could be added to portions of the wall with a greater setback from the pavement, but suggested that the property owner consult with an engineer to determine if a more desirable grade could be achieved.

Hearing continued

Henderson was asked to return with a more detailed plan of the roadway and front area of the wall. The public hearing is to be continued on November 24.

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