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Friday, November 14, 2003


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, Nov. 5

Superintendent's report. Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said the middle school reports are out, the math league has begun, and the second grade has celebrated the birthday of the United Nations. $12,000 has been realized from the gift wrap sales and the Halloween Parade was a great success. During a recent visit to a classroom at the Carlisle School, the leader of systems thinking and systems dynamics, Jay Forrester of M.I.T., seemed impressed with the students. Fox-Melanson said, "He was remarkable and we are grateful for his support."

Civility, focus of professional day. During the school professional development day on October 24 the teachers and staff tackled the question: "As a staff, how do we actualize civility this year?" Fourteen thoughts generated during the day include:

We must have respect for differences, including other's property.

Civility is an over-arching goal for all teachers. How do we confront uncivil behavior in a civil way?

Cooperative learning has mutual, non-competing goals content and civility.

There should be concrete consequences for uncivil actions (at school and at home).

Hearing the conclusions of the professional day, CSC member Paul Morrison asked whether there was a discussion on what constitutes uncivil behavior. Fox-Melanson answered that there was no specific attention to that question although there was general agreement on what constitutes uncivil behavior. She concluded by saying that she was very impressed with the discussions by the faculty.

Gifts. The School Committee, on a motion by member Michael Fitzgerald, accepted with gratitude the gift of $153 from seven Carlisle students. The students Jenna Gillies, Maya Smith, Emily Holzman, Charlotte Sargent, Alice Tattersall, Alison Quinn, and Jennifer Phillipou held a bake sale at the town transfer station. They have requested the proceeds be used for the school library. The School Committee also gratefully accepted the donation of a much-needed desk from Carlisle resident Leigh Tappen.

Cell tower at school/town center. Fire Chief David Flannery and Police Chief David Galvin have written a letter to the Carlisle Selectmen about a study on the location of a cell tower at the school. The letter notes that police and fire radio antennas have been located at the school since the 1940s. The antennas were moved from the Brick Building in 1997 during the Grant Building construction and an antenna mast was installed on the elevator shaft. This antenna is low-power and the back-up emergency power is limited. The letter expresses hope that public safety antennas can be placed on a cell tower in the town center for optimum transmission with the necessary source of emergency power.

Home schooling. Member Michael Fitzgerald reported that the committee is looking at the policy of home-schooling and the lack of programs at Concord-Carlisle Adult Community Education for home-schooled children.

Special education. Director of Special Support Services Dr. Linda Stapp informed the School Committee that Carlisle is fortunate not to have any residential placement students this year. The state in the past has reimbursed half of the costs for the placement. This year communities are being informed that the state can no longer meet that funding level.

"No school" announcements. "No school" or "school-delayed start" announcements will be broadcast on the following TV and radio stations: Radio- WBZ 1030 AM, WBUR 90.9 FM;

TV- WBZ Channel 4, WHDH Channel 7, WCVB Channel 5

Save the night of March 13

CEF, CSA. Plans are underway for the second annual CEF and CSA auction at the Middlesex School. There will be dinner, dancing and live and silent auctions during the evening.

Next CSC Meeting. Next Carlisle School Committee meeting will be November 19.

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