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Friday, November 14, 2003


Special Conditions for 157 Berry Corner Lane construction

At the November 6 Conser-vation Commission meeting, chair Tricia Smith opened the decision phase on an ex post facto filing submitted by Laura and Michael Baliestiero. The Notice of Intent to build was submitted August 13 and covered substantial construction already underway at 157 Berry Corner Lane. After reviewing the chronology of events associated with this violation of provisions of the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act and the Carlisle Wetland Protection Bylaw, Smith presented a final draft of Special Conditions to be attached to the commission's approval document. The Special Conditions in brief are as follows:

Missing wetland flags on the adjacent parcel shall be re-established by survey prior to re-commencement of construction activity.

Specifications for a proposed fence to limit snow from being pushed over the edge of the retaining wall must be submitted to the Commission to demonstrate sufficient durability for that purpose and must remain in place in perpetuity.

Prior to re-commencement of construction, the applicant shall provide specifications for the retaining walls that support the driveway.

Such specifications shall be prepared by a structural engineer who has geotechnical expertise. Said engineer shall assess whether drainage from proposed infiltration trenches will adversely affect the stability or longevity of the walls. If such is the case, he will work with the applicants' civil engineer to design an alternative solution. The structural engineer will also review the placement of footings for the proposed fence and will provide the commission with recommendations for construction procedures during winter operations.

For the duration of construction, a registered civil engineer shall conduct weekly visits to assess the adequacy of erosion and sedimentation controls and recommend repairs or additional barriers as needed. Following storm events he shall inspect the site within 16 hours.

The applicants will restore and preserve a portion of the site from the base of the retaining wall to the wetland or rear property line. A four-inch layer of top soil shall be seeded with wetland restoration/erosion control plantings approved by the commission. By allowing the applicant discretion in selecting some plantings the commission sees this as an opportunity for the owners to naturalize the area in a manner aesthetically pleasing to them.

No additional work beyond that permitted by this order shall occur within the wetland or its buffer zone without a subsequent filing and approval by the commission.

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