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Friday, November 14, 2003


Carlisle Comments Indoor kite flying

Have you ever heard of indoor kite flying? All I could think of was kids racing through the house, lamps crashing to the floor, and loud screaming from me. Large fans also entered that thought as well.

Imagine my amazement when one evening late last spring, my husband and I walked into the gym at Marblehead High School and watched as 15 or 20 people took turns flying kites inside. It was beautiful. Flyers were mixed in age from early teens to retirees. There was no running and no fans. People looked like they were dancing as they walked backwards and flew these small, very light-weight kites on 12-foot strings, and to music to boot.

There were fighter kites, mostly small diamond or small box shaped. If fighting, the object is to touch the opponent's string. Some of the kites were "W" shaped and some were bird-shaped. Some had just one control string while others had two and as many as four strings. One person even had three kites flying from one fishing rod. Dips, dives, circles, soaring, touchdowns, all done slowly walking backward, in time with the music and beautifully choreographed.

Most of the kites were made by the owners with carbon fiber sticks and light-weight cloth. Some of the flyers owned kite stores where there is lots of instruction on flying as well as kite-making classes. We happened to be there for the last indoor session of the season and a championship night. Our friend who belongs to this group took a video and gave us a copy so I know I really saw this and didn't just dream it.

They fly small kites indoors during the winter, and really big kites outside during the summer, usually at Nahant Beach and at Nantasket. There is a web site called KONE (Kites Over New England.) This gives all kinds of information including time and place for activities. This year the club is having difficulties with the school over the price of using the gym (doesn't that sound familiar?), so check the web site for time and location. Currently the web site says "No Indoor Kite Flying in November." I hope they find a new site soon.

Usually they meet Saturday nights from 6 to 9 p.m. Check it out; it's a sight to behold and it really boggled my mind.

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