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Friday, November 14, 2003


Where in Carlisle? Carlisle's only stoplight

Where is Carlisle's only stoplight? We posed this question in a recent edition of the Mosquito, and alert reader Dave Ringheiser of Garnet Rock Lane correctly identified its location at 1140 Concord Street.

Carlisle's traffic light is not in fact found at any busy intersection in town, but is mounted on the garage owned by Bob and Patricia Irwin. (Look for it near the Concord line on Concord Street.) Bob says he received the light as a gift from a friend, who is a police officer, when the light was replaced by a newer model. It is fully operational, and although he usually keeps it turned off, Bob says he has been known to flip the switches at the back of the unit to make the lights flash green, red and yellow, thereby helping newcomers find his house. One hopes visitors are not too confused trying to simultaneously stop, go, and proceed with caution as they traverse the Irwins' driveway.

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