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Friday, November 7, 2003


Warrant Article 1
School asks $1.3 million for wastewater plant
State reimbursement in doubt if project rejected

At Monday night's Special Town Meeting voters will decide the fate of a new wastewater treatment plant for the Carlisle School. With a 60% state reimbursement riding on the decision, school officials hope voters will approve the project to take advantage of the reimbursement, even if payback could take years given the state's current economy. ...more

Article 5 of the Warrant for next Monday's Special Town Meeting asks the town to authorize the Board of Selectmen to sign a five-year contract with Wheelabrator North Andover, Inc. for disposal of solid waste from Carlisle's transfer station, after the current contract expires in 2005. ...more

The Board of Selectmen has cancelled their 6:30 p.m. meeting prior to the November 10 Town Meeting and instead will attend the Finance Team meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, November 10. ...more

The Mosquito will publish the day after Thanksgiving, but the deadline for news and press releases will be Sunday, November 23, at noon. In December, the paper will publish through December 19. There will be no issues on December 26 and January 2. ...more

Paul Morrison of the School Building Committee spent the better part of an hour briefing the Board of Selectmen on the latest wastewater treatment plant information. The Selectmen took advantage of Morrison's expertise and peppered him with questions at their October 28 meeting. The first area of concern is RecCom's fear that a pipe trench will be dug across ...more

Despite pleas from the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) and the Carlisle Board of Selectmen to keep contract negotiations behind closed doors, the Concord-Carlisle Teachers Association (CCTA) has continued to reach out to the public for support of their position. ...more

Four Articles that will be moved at the Special Town Meeting on Monday, November 10, ask for authorization to move funds between existing accounts, or other housekeeping matters, and do not have any impact on taxes. ...more

It looks as if the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) may have a welcome opportunity to put more emphasis on environmental education in the months ahead. Following an enthusiastic endorsement from ConsCom, the Board of Selectmen this week appointed two new members to the commission to fill vacancies left by the resignation of Jonathan Beakley and the relocation ...more

Saturday, November 8, will present us with a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes through the conical shadow cast by earth. The moon will be well positioned in the east to view this eclipse in early evening. When the moon enters the darkest part of the shadow, the umbra, it can be illuminated only by the sunlight that is refracted by earth's ...more

No more will Carlisle be known as an "easy mark" when it comes to use of the transfer station. Town residents can no longer use the excuse that their dump sticker is "on my other car." All vehicles will require a sticker, even state vehicles disposing trash from the State Park. And there will be no more transfer station use by out-of-towners ...more

Under a new law (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59 Section 2D) the town may decide to reassess and tax a property immediately after improvements are completed. The supplemental tax is only permitted on parcels that have received an occupancy permit and have increased more than 50% in value. Typically a new homeowner enjoys a "grace period" during ...more

Summer Academic Success Program. Concord resident Courtland Booth reported on the third year of the summer school "support program." Though 596 students were identified as eligible, the program enrolled only 102 students from kindergarten through grade 10. Eligible CCHS students entering grades 9 and 10 were tutored in English and ...more

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