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Friday, November 7, 2003


Shorts from the Regional School Committee, Oct. 28

Summer Academic Success Program. Concord resident Courtland Booth reported on the third year of the summer school "support program." Though 596 students were identified as eligible, the program enrolled only 102 students from kindergarten through grade 10. Eligible CCHS students entering grades 9 and 10 were tutored in English and math for three hours each day for twenty days in July. Efforts will be made to get summer program information out earlier next spring to encourage more participation.

SPED funding shortfall. CCHS Superintendent Brenda Finn led a discussion regarding the changes to the Massachusetts "Circuit Breaker Reimbursement Program." The Concord-Carlisle district was expecting a 75% reimbursement for Special Education out-of-district residential placements, excluding day placements. Instead, the state will reimburse districts for just 27.62% including day placements. In the Concord-Carlisle regional district, this leaves a shortfall of $151,851 for out-of-district funding.

This involves 33 students, explained CCHS SPED coordinator Joanne Delaney. "We all should be on the phone constantly with our legislators," suggested Regional School Committee Chair Michael Fitzgerald. "Should we go on record with a letter?" asked Committee member Jerry Wedge. Agreeing to compose a letter, Fitzgerald said "We've got to continue to fight for the dollars from the state."

Planning for fiscal 2005. Concord Finance Guidelines Subcommittee Chair Hugh Lauer presented the preliminary guideline for the FY05 budget, which was adopted by the Concord FinCom on October 23. Based on the projected increase of revenue, and free cash from tax rates and appropriations, an increase of 1.5% or $676,010 will be available to split between the budgets of the Concord Town Government ($223,000), the Concord Public Schools ($308,000), and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District ($145,000).

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