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Friday, November 7, 2003


New transfer station fees coming

No more will Carlisle be known as an "easy mark" when it comes to use of the transfer station. Town residents can no longer use the excuse that their dump sticker is "on my other car." All vehicles will require a sticker, even state vehicles disposing trash from the State Park. And there will be no more transfer station use by out-of-towners dumping their commercial trash and landscaping debris.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously at their October 28 meeting to impose a fee of $50 per pickup truck load of demolition debris and $150 per larger truckload. Those wishing to dispose of construction trash must first obtain a permit slip at the police station after paying the requisite fee. If you have three pickup loads of debris, you will need three permit slips for a total of $150. Contractors must be working on a town site, and even residents must pay if they have construction waste. Small home projects that produce a couple of 2x4s will still be able to toss them in the dumpster without paying extra.

All cars must now display a dump sticker no exceptions to be purchased at the police station for $15 per car, as before. If two cars are both used for dump runs, they get a slight break and two stickers can be purchased for $25. It seems likely that most residents will choose one car as the "designated dumper," but it's entirely a personal choice as to how much you're willing to pay. Trash disposal firms working within the town will be charged $15 per household serviced, and must list the addresses they service.

The stickers will continue to be offered for sale on January 1, and must be displayed by April 1. This should eliminate the problem with the cold temperatures making it difficult for the stickers to stick. Police will be performing spot checks throughout the year on one recent Saturday, they sold 60 stickers when an officer was present. Superintendent of Public Works Gary Davis assured the Selectmen that DPW employees will also enforce the new requirements, especially now that every vehicle without exception must have a sticker or permit slip.

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