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Friday, October 31, 2003


A fall-off in new real estate growth and predictions of further reductions in state aid led the Finance Committee (FinCom) to issue a conservative preliminary guideline for the fiscal year 2005 (FY05) budget. The guideline will hold town departments and schools to a 0.47% increase over the current year, FY04, excluding certain priority items, for a total town ...more

On Tuesday evening, on the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the appointment of Ray J. Wilkes to the FinCom for a two-year term, to expire at the close of the Annual Town Meeting of May 2005. ...more

New Superintendent Brenda Finn and new Director of Financial Services John Flaherty of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District paid the Carlisle FinCom a welcome surprise visit on October 21. They came to provide updated financial information on the high school and explain the impact of a recent change to the state formula for reimbursing towns for special ...more

At its October 23 meeting, the Conservation Commission (ConsCom), applicants and their engineers took a step forward toward resolving a troubling situation on Berry Corner Lane. After two meetings in which the commission had quizzed property owners Laura and Michael Baliestiero and their professional consultants about discovery of substantial, unpermitted ...more

Old Morse Trail culvert. Final plans for the replacement of an antique culvert on the Old Morse Trail were approved. Specifications presented by Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos call for a concrete culvert of the same dimensions and capacity as the one that has collapsed. There will be a fieldstone headwall at each end. The trail ...more

The Carlisle Planning Board is seeking town residents who would be interested in serving as associate members of the board. At the 2003 Town Meeting, an amendment to the Zoning Bylaws was approved that provided for up to two associate members, to be appointed for three-year terms by the Planning Board and the Selectmen. ...more

A philosophical cliff-hanger threatened to stymie Conservation Commission action on a West Street construction application at a continued public hearing on October 23. The original Notice of Intent (NOI) submitted by Heidi Baxter and Richard Parker and engineered by Stamski and McNary described plans for a house, garage, driveway, well and septic system on ...more

California Fires. Chair Tim Hult began the meeting of the Board of Selectmen by asking for a moment of silence to reflect on the death and destruction of the wildfires now ravishing California. He emphasized the extent of the damage by comparing the loss of over 1,000 homes in California as the equivalent of every home in Carlisle being destroyed ...more

Over the past year the Alliance for Teen Safety, with the direction of Barbara Howland, the Concord Police and the Rotary Club of Concord have joined forces to make a skate park a reality. In the words of Concord Police Chief Len Wetherbee, "The police are in full support of the skate park. Skateboarding is a real sport and provides youth a positive outlet ...more

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