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Friday, October 31, 2003


Trick or Treat all over town
From Daisy's Garage to Tall Pines, Carlisle celebrates Halloween the old-fashioned way

There are some adults who believe that traditional Halloween celebrations are a thing of the past. With communities hosting public Halloween parties, shopping malls eager to draw kids in for store-to-store trick-or-treating, and safety concerns keeping some families at home, many people have gotten the mistaken impression that no one trick-or-treats anymore. ...more

Dave and Natalie Ives recently returned from a three-week visit to Japan. One evening, they attended a baseball game in Hiroshima with their guide and interpreter, Keiko Odagawa, and two other couples. ...more

978-263-3325 ...more

From popular themes to professional subjects, much may be found in the magazines, journals, and newspapers that are in the Gleason Public Library's electronic databases. (Electronic databases are lists of information stored on computers.) These periodicals may be popular ones like Rolling Stone, Nature, or Vogue; or journals such as The ...more

For Halloween, we can forget about cute little cup-fungi batting their eyelashes and go for something scarier, slimier, creepier or crawlier. Last Halloween we had the Wolf's Milk Slime and there's a lot of it around again now. This year, I looked for Witches' Brooms and Witches' Butter, which I know are in Carlisle, but found none. West Nile Virus is altogether ...more

It was a little over a week ago that I began to think my house was haunted. Just little things at first I returned home to find the cabinet under the kitchen sink open and a bottle of dish soap on the floor. I blamed it on one of my dogs. Later, I noticed that a Halloween witch who had been standing on the living room mantelpiece had taken a header. ...more

On Sunday, September 28, at the grand opening of the new Interpretative Center at Great Brook Farm State Park, the winner was drawn for the "Name the Calf" contest. There were 1,553 entries in the contest held at the farm's ice cream stand. Baby Maya's name was submitted by Royee Mundelboim from Westboro, Massachusetts in honor of his baby sister. ...more

As demonstrated by ongoing financial support to both the Gleason Library and the Wilkins School library, Carlisle is a town of readers. Many people in town attend events of the 11th annual Concord Author's Festival. This year, it runs from October 23 through November 8. "We have more authors than in years past," says Festival Director Rob Mitchell, ...more

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