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Friday, October 31, 2003


Shorts from the Selectmen's meeting on October 28

California Fires. Chair Tim Hult began the meeting of the Board of Selectmen by asking for a moment of silence to reflect on the death and destruction of the wildfires now ravishing California. He emphasized the extent of the damage by comparing the loss of over 1,000 homes in California as the equivalent of every home in Carlisle being destroyed by fire.

Appointments. The Board of Selectmen approved the following appointments at their meeting on October 28.

- Ray J. Wilkes to the Finance Committee for a two-year term to expire May 2005. (See story on page 1.)

- Thomas Schultz and Diane Troppoli to the Conservation Commission, each for a three-year term to expire June 30, 2006.

- Pam Woodhull to the Cultural Council for a two-year term to expire on June 30, 2005.

- Allen Deary (RecCom) and Jack Bromley (Housing Authority) to the Community Preservation Act Committee for a term to expire June 30, 2004.

The Selectmen acknowledged the resignation of Jonathan Beakley from the Conservation Commission and thanked him for his services.

ComCast Contract. Town Admin-istrator Madonna McKenzie announced that the town has received notification from the Department of Telecom-munications and Energy that we will have to begin our contract discussions with cable and internet provider ComCast two to three years prior to the expiration of the current contract on October 13, 2006. She emphasized that we need to get new members for the advisory committee so that we can be ready to begin this negotiation sometime during the next year. Townspeople who have been critical of the services provided by ComCast in the past are especially urged to take this opportunity to join the committee and assist in the negotiations.

Quarterly Tax Bills. The board has received a letter from the Finance Committee recommending that the Selectmen move the town to quarterly tax billing. This will be discussed at a meeting of the Selectmen in the near future.

November Meetings. Because November 11 is Veteran's Day, the Selectmen have scheduled their next full meeting for November 4, one week earlier. They also plan to hold a short meeting prior to Town Meeting on November 10. The Selectmen's second meeting of the month is scheduled for Thanksgiving week, on Tuesday, November 25.

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