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Friday, October 31, 2003


Planning Board seeks associate members

The Carlisle Planning Board is seeking town residents who would be interested in serving as associate members of the board. At the 2003 Town Meeting, an amendment to the Zoning Bylaws was approved that provided for up to two associate members, to be appointed for three-year terms by the Planning Board and the Selectmen.

Associate members will be encouraged to attend board meetings and participate fully in discussions, but generally will not vote. For specific applications that involve the issuance of special permits, the chair may designate an associate member to act in the place of a regular member, including voting in that member's place. In such cases, the associate would be required to attend all sessions of the public hearing for that application.

Being an associate member will also give an interested volunteer the chance to "learn the ropes" of Planning Board business and responsibilities. Because of a change in the length of terms of elected board members, also approved at the 2003 Town Meeting, next spring all seven board seats will be up for election, with one-, two- and three-year terms available.

If you are interested, contact Planning Administrator George Mansfield at 1-978-369-9702, or Planning Board Chair Louise Hara at 1-978-287-4833. You may also send an e-mail to

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