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Friday, October 31, 2003


Shorts from the ConsCom, Oct. 23

Old Morse Trail culvert. Final plans for the replacement of an antique culvert on the Old Morse Trail were approved. Specifications presented by Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos call for a concrete culvert of the same dimensions and capacity as the one that has collapsed. There will be a fieldstone headwall at each end. The trail spanning the structure will be resurfaced with crushed stone embedded in a layer of mortar. The Conservation Commission and the trail owners/abutters, including the Lind and Senkler families, are sharing the cost, and George Senkler volunteered to try to find a contractor to price and complete the project before the snow flies. A standard order of conditions will be issued pending receipt of a letter of approval from the state's Natural Heritage Program.

128 Bingham Road. The com-mission approved an application from Tom and Judy Lane for construction of a 24x28-foot garage on an existing 50x50-foot concrete turnaround. The existing house and driveway are all in the buffer zone of a wetland. Explained Mrs. Lane, "We're crowded in between an esker and the wetland." Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard confirmed that the applicants had little choice about location and that she could see no real difference between the proposed project and the existing situation. The public hearing was closed and a standard order of conditions issued.

50 Heald Road. At a hearing continued from October 9, the commission okayed a proposed swimming pool and concrete patio which would require the removal of a line of mature trees. The commission had asked the applicant Katya Kalogeropoulos and Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos to provide specifications for controlled drainage from the pool to include a sump and a clear indication on the plan of all trees that would have to come down. This request fulfilled, the board added a "discretionary" condition for installation of a 16-inch mesh fence at the haybale line to prevent frogs from committing suicide in the pool, and approved the project.

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