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Friday, October 31, 2003

Thanks to our trash artists

To the Editor:

The unique "trashanimals" standing in front of the kennel at the transfer station are the result of the trash-into-art project co-sponsored by the Carlisle Cultural Arts Council and the Household Recycling Committee. Thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of the children, parents and others who participated in this event, over a dozen whimsical sculptures were created from recycled materials left at the transfer station.

A special thank you goes to Bill Turville for his enthusiastic guidance, and to the Carlisle Garden Club, Concord Lumber Company, Carol and Richard Davis, and anonymous donors for helping to make this event possible.

Bonnie Miskolczy,
Cultural Cultural Council
Lois d'Annunzio,
Carlisle Household Recycle Committee

Social worker sees holistic approach to education at CCHS

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of a fair contract for faculty at CCHS where I have worked as a social worker in Special Education for three years.

In that position, I have a unique role in a public high school and see students and their families from a different perspective than do teachers. I work on a variety of life issues that extend outside the classroom and even outside the school building. I may tackle a problem that is affecting a student's classroom experience or participation in another school activity; I help students and their families plan for their futures.

One of the most significant qualities of CCHS is that it encompasses a holistic approach to education. Learning here is more than academic; social workers, teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators work together to ensure a multifaceted experience for students, one that is unique to their individual needs.

It is the extraordinary talent and commitment of the faculty here that make this holistic approach happen. The extra time they take to meet about a student experiencing problems, to make evening phone calls home, to come in early or stay late for extra help, and to collaborate with other staff members are the product of a superior staff that benefits your children.

A fair contract will maintain the morale and the professionalism of this current faculty and also attract the type of teacher you want for your children in the future.

Without a fair contract, I fear the faculty will be less willing to give those extra hours and possibly even leave the profession. As a result, the great holistic education available at CCHS would diminish and in the end, it would be the students who would suffer.

Please support your children's educators and in turn, your children's futures.

Rachel Siff
CCHS Special Education Department

Ed note: Normally the Mosquito tries to print every letter, but due to the large volume received on foxhunting and the CCHS teachers' contract the paper will only print additional letters on these topics if the letters contain substantially new information.

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