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Friday, October 31, 2003


Great Brook Farm baby heifer No. 661 is named

On Sunday, September 28, at the grand opening of the new Interpretative Center at Great Brook Farm State Park, the winner was drawn for the "Name the Calf" contest. There were 1,553 entries in the contest held at the farm's ice cream stand. Baby Maya's name was submitted by Royee Mundelboim from Westboro, Massachusetts in honor of his baby sister.

Royee is nine years old and his entry was randomly chosen as the winner. This was Royee's first visit to the farm. He will receive a T-shirt from Great Brook Farm Ice Cream stand, along with a Holstein beanie baby.

The most popular name submitted was Milky Way, but Oreo and Chocolate Chip ran close seconds. Other names such as Gateway, Augusta, and Bessie were also favorites. The rest of the names were given to the farmer so maybe your name will come up next time. Baby Maya will now be recognized as one special little girl. After all, to be chosen from over fifteen hundred entries is quite an honor!

The new interpretative center consisting of a large, open pavilion with picnic tables, interpretative office, and public restroom facilities was dedicated and christened with good 'ole country guitar playing and banjo-picking music provided by the Stone House String Band, featuring Alex Demas, an internationally-awarded banjo/fiddle player.

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