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Friday, October 31, 2003


Number Five Strawberry Hill
5 Strawberry Hill Road, Acton, MA
Hours: Lunch Wed.-Fri. 12 Noon; Dinner Tues.-Sat, 6 p.m.

Last week, on Wednesday, Alex and I went to lunch at Number Five Strawberry Hill, as it seemed like possibly a new restaurant, but actually was the Maison Maison Restaurant with the same owner and new name. We were seated by a window, and as we got colder asked if the heat was on, and were assured it was.

There was a selection of Les Entrées, which were the starters, ranging in price from $6 to $10. Some of these were: onion soup at $6 and the broiled oysters with celeriac and Roquefort for $10. We decided that the next course would be enough and ordered from the section called Les Plats. First we both wanted the grilled breast of chicken with green onions and mushrooms at $9, but were quickly advised by the waiter that the chicken hadn't come in, so we would have to choose something else. Alex decided on sea scallops with a white wine-Dijon crème that was accompanied on the same plate with salad ($12). The menu didn't mention it had tarragon, but it had lots, and he tried to get it with the crème sauce on the side but was told this was not possible. I ordered the seafood crepe with scallops, shrimp and fish, also served with salad ($14). As the plate was served, the waiter mentioned it was very, very hot and indeed it had been put under the broiler to melt the cheese. Unfortunately, placing a salad on this hot a plate, which was the way it was served (no other vegetables), not only makes the crepe hot but the salad was cool on the very top and hot and limp on the bottom.

There were few red wines available by the glass, but I had a Pinot Noir, by Hacienda Wine Cellars, Sonoma, that proved to be the best part of my lunch, ($6) Other lunch entrees included: Sautéed chicken livers, at $9, PEI mussels in vermouth, with garlic butter at $12, and Lobster tail en casserole at $16.

We asked to see the dinner menu, and the prices ranged from $14-$28, but this did not include any vegetable which could be ordered separately for $5 per selection and did not include salad which ranged in price from $6-$16. Our total for lunch, not including tip, dessert or appetizer and only one glass of wine for me was $39.90.

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