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Friday, October 24, 2003


795 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington ...more

Although he has only been in residence for the past few months, the office of new Concord-Carlisle High School Assistant Principal Alan Weinstein already reflects the personality of the man behind the desk. One shelf features a snapshot of daughters Elena, 14, Molly, 11, and his wife Julie Levinson, who is a film historian and professor at Babson College. ...more

Apples may be the most ubiquitous and popular of all fruits. Long before they were cultivated, they probably grew wild in Central Asia, China, and Southwest Asia (where some Biblical scholars place the Garden of Eden), and they crop up in the first written languages. Cultivated apple trees were first brought to this country in 1629, probably by the future ...more

Western literature is replete with apple stories, almost all involving temptation and power over human will. In Greek mythology, tomboy Atalanta refused to marry unless a suitor could outrun her. She was finally defeated by and married to clever Milanion (a.k.a. Hippomenes), who dropped three golden apples, provided by the goddess Aphrodite, along the racecourse. ...more

Ever wonder how Girl Scouts spend proceeds they receive from those cookies you buy and donations you make? Every fall the Girl Scouts in Carlisle try to schedule an annual camping trip with all site expenses covered by their local treasury. This year 122 girls attended a joint Concord-Carlisle event at the Cedar Hill camping site in Waltham, Massachusetts, ...more

Name: Eyelash fungus, eyelash pixie cup, a member of the genus Scutellinia and probably Scutellinia scutellata. The name translates to "a little bowl that is like a bowl." It is classified as a "sac" fungus in the division Ascomycota, because the sexual spores are produced in sac-like mother cells called asci. ...more

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