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Friday, October 24, 2003


Shorts from the Board of Health, October 9

Perc Rate study. Engineer Ken Waite presented the results of a study on the effect of increasing the percolation rate limit to 60 minutes per inch. Waite initiated the study in March at the board's request as the State intends to change the Title 5 requirement the first of January. The slower perc rate will mean that leach fields will need to be much bigger, resulting in concern about vertical control and more tree removal.

There was no consensus that the slower perc rate would cause problems. BOH member Mike Holland pointed out that most developers clear all the trees anyway, so that should not be a concern. As for the vertical control, which means keeping the pipes level so the flow is distributed evenly, that is a concern.

The BOH thanked Waite for his thorough study and planned to continue discussing the remaining concerns at a later time.

Massage therapy license. The BOH voted to grant Susan Hall a massage therapy license. There is no fee for this license and no inspections are required.

340 Acton Street. The BOH voted to grant a deed restriction for a four-bedroom septic system for the proposed addition with the caveats that a Title 5 inspection be performed every three years and the house not use a garbage grinder kitchen disposal. The house has a septic system which was installed in 1976 and Title 5 inspected this September. In 1999 the distribution box was replaced after a Title 5 inspection failed. The engineering firm, Stamski and McNary, had stated that the system could be upgraded to a five-bedroom system without the need for any waivers.

Daisy's Market. Board of Health consulting engineer Rob Frado visited Daisy's Market and reported that the water meter reading was only 15 gallons per week. The market uses 130 gallons of bottled water per week for cooking and cleaning.

Frado said that the septic system did not appear to be in any failure and suggested that the system be cleaned out while the connection was made to the tight tank. This tank should be pumped out every two weeks. Then the main system could be turned on to see if it works. The BOH will send Daisy's a letter.

Animal Management. The BOH again discussed the licensing of animals, not to include chickens and rabbits. A fee of $15 per year was voted. This will offset the cost of animal inspections.

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