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Friday, October 24, 2003


Carlisle School maps out FY05 budget strategy

School Business Manager Steve Moore presented the preliminary assumptions and goals for the FY05 school budget to the Carlisle School Committee (CSC) on October 15.

One assumption in the outline is that the new school wastewater treatment facility, (see page 1) would not count against any requested increase for the school's operating budget.

Budget goals include returning programs, cut in past years, to the operating budget, such as a reading specialist and intramural sports stipends, currently funded by one-time outside sources (CEF/CSA auction).

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation requires additional data collection and entry which must be covered in the budget. "What used to be done by a bunch of people is done with the software," explained Moore, saying teacher David Mayall has been doing the data collection, which requires gathering fifty-two elements on each student. "I used to do this all myself, then the state got into it," said Assistant to the Superin-tendent Peg Lynch. "No one has time for curriculum anymore, it's all data management," said Morrison. Setting up the system has been a significant amount of work, continued Moore. The software is also used for report cards, attendance, and to track bus routes.

Another NCLB effect on the budget is the need for professional development to meet the "Highly Qualified" standard. Educational support staff must meet a requirement of two years of college or training, or take a state-sponsored exam. "We are fortunate that most meet this," said Moore. "What do we do with the rest?" asked Morrison. Moore explained this does not involve the classroom teachers, which have separate requirements, but instead covers instructional aides, tutors, what are referred to as "para-professionals." "We have about four or five that need to upgrade their skills. We need to talk to each individual," Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson explained. "Good thing we don't have that standard for school committee members," joked Dockterman.

A new athletic director position is listed under new programs and initiatives. The athletic program is disconnected, explained Moore, with no one person coordinating it. It would be a stipend position. Burkel wondered if the Recreation Commission could help. "Could they run the administration piece?" Moore replied, "It's worth a conversation with the RecCom."

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