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Friday, October 24, 2003


Towns still fear FedEx flights at Hanscom Field

Steve Lerner, Carlisle's representative on the Hanscom Field Advisory Committee (HFAC) provided a written update to the Selectmen on the status of FedEx at Hanscom.

The possibility of FedEx flights into Hanscom has galvanized the local communities for several reasons. FedEx is a clear target, one whom the various organizations can readily confront. Although corporate jets pose a more immediate traffic, noise and pollution problem, fighting such a diverse network has been difficult. Opponents believe that if FedEx is given approval for the one flight now being proposed, its commercial operations could easily escalate to any level that satiates demand. Additionally there is a real fear that night flights would become much more prevalent despite the commitment to take off and land before 11 p.m.

Lerner noted that FedEx recently pulled out of a meeting scheduled for September 16 with HFAC. They did not explain their rationale, only intimated that they would keep all options open and would give HFAC at least two months notice should they decide to pursue the program further. There would then be a 6 to 12-month lead up to actual activities.

Lerner added that there is an addendum to the "Hanscom at the Crossroads" document being circulated among the contiguous towns. The addendum focuses specifically on FedEx and its possible impact . Given Carlisle's signature on the original document, Lerner suggests it would be fitting to seriously consider supporting this addendum as well. McKenzie reported that she has not yet received any information on this as yet.

Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie informed the board that she has received one call asking that the town consider not using FedEx. Lerner revealed that the town of Lexington, through the Board of Selectmen, has already enacted a boycott of FedEx services. Bedford will attempt to achieve the same results through town meeting, and Concord and Lincoln are attempting enact boycotts of their own.

The Selectmen expressed appreciation for Lerner's report and for the work he has done on behalf of the HFAC.

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