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Friday, October 24, 2003


School prepares for wastewater request at Town Meeting

The Carlisle School Committee (CSC) has been preparing for the Special Town Meeting on November 10, at which funding for the $1.5 million wastewater treatment facility for the Carlisle Public School will be requested. At the CSC meeting on October 15, committee member Paul Morrison reported that few substantive issues surfaced at meetings between the building committee, town boards and the state Department of Environment Protection (DEP).

Morrison reported that the Finance Committee appeared prepared to support the funds required for the installation of the facility. "I thought it was a pretty positive meeting," he said.

Similarly, a meeting with the Conservation Committee on October 9 "went well enough. They focused on crossing the stream," he said, referring to the pipe which will transport treated wastewater from school property, across a wetland between the Spalding Field and the woods leading to the Banta Davis Land, to the leaching field.

Morrison reported that the Selectmen's main concern, at their October 14 meeting, was the potential damage to the Spalding and Banta-Davis fields. "We have flexibility on where we rout the trench," he explained, "so hopefully we just fill in the trench when we're done. We're not intending to wipe out the fields." Concerned about potential disagreements with the Recreation Commission over repairs to the fields, Fitzgerald said, "We don't want to get into a turf war."

"The Selectmen haven't taken a position on whether they support it [the wastewater treatment request] or not," said Morrison. The Building Committee is scheduled to appear again at the October 28 Selectmen meeting.

Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore said he met with a representative from the DEP. "I told him we have a strict build-time guideline" to qualify for state reimbursement funds. The School Building Assistance Bureau had earlier notified the school that any delays in the project may compromise the promised reimbursement.

"The DEP representative thought the leeching field plan was fine," Moore continued. "Overall, it was positive, but a round of golf may speed things up," he joked, saying the DEP rep was interested in whether there was a golf course in Carlisle.

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