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Friday, October 17, 2003


Shorts from the ConsCom, Oct. 9

50 Heald Road. The Conservation Commission considered an application from Katya Kalogeropoulos of Heald Road for construction of a 33- by 14-foot swimming pool and concrete patio with removal of trees and grading, all within the 100-foot buffer zone. Because the project required removal of a line of large trees and presented a drainage challenge, and because chemical additives were inevitable, the Commission requested a continuance to October 23. The delay would allow the applicant to include a sump system and specify the additive to be used.

1173 North Road. North Road residents Tedford and Carolyn Armistead received a Negative Determination. This action permits them to remove portions of an existing driveway and install a new one without filing a Notice of Intent.

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