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Friday, October 3, 2003


It was a Carlisle resident, Lisa Wiesner, who saw the plane crash in the Estabrook Woods and made the 911 call that got an emergency response under way. Last Saturday, September 27, the pilot, an Oswego, N.Y. physician, Dr. Ravindra Shah, and his wife, Dr. Manjula Shaw, were fatally injured when their Cessna 182T Sky Lane went down without warning on its approach ...more

The town should do more to raise income from sources besides the property tax. This was the message the Board of Selectmen heard at their September 23 meeting, as the Carlisle Revenue Enhancement Committee (REC) delivered a report on "potential ways to enhance revenue." Finance Committee Chair and REC Co-chair Lisa Jensen-Fellows outlined the key ...more

The new CORI requirements are spawning frustration for Massachusetts public and private schools, and local volunteer organizations such as Girl Scouts. It has led long-time volunteers, such as Kathy Hassey, Chair of the Carlisle Youth Commission, to question whether they want to continue volunteering. Hassey was distressed when she first learned how the CORI ...more

The following is a synopsis of the major recommendations in the report of the Carlisle Revenue Enhancement Committee, as presented to the Board of Selectmen on September 3. (The full text of the report can be read on the web at ...more

The Carlisle Cable Advisory Committee and the Board of Selectmen were notified by Comcast that they will provide cable services to areas in the north side of town that have never been wired. In an e-mail message to committee chair Darice Wareham on September 25, Comcast's Rob Travers said, in part: "We have begun construction on the extension that will ...more

At the Planning Board meeting on September 29, Frank M Stewart, president of Northland Residential Corporation, presented a "limited, low-density, approval-not-required plan" for development of the Benfield farm off South Street, West Street, and Pope Road. Greg Peterson of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation (CCF), who has worked on the conceptual ...more

Metco Report. Metco coordinator Norma Dinnall joined the school committee to present a status report on the Metco program. Metco (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity), created in 1966, is a voluntary program aimed at offering children of color educational opportunities, while allowing suburban communities to increase their racial ...more

Contract negotiations between the Concord-Carlisle teachers union and the Regional School Committee appear to have stalled, and some teachers are clearly unhappy. At the meeting of the Regional School Committee (RSC) on September 23, Chair Michael Fitzgerald mentioned that at the recent CCHS open house parents "were greeted by paraphernalia from the teacher's ...more

"If you are a Blue Jay, you are doing literature," instructed Carlisle third-grade teacher Liz Gray. "If you are a Red Sox, you are doing writing." The third-graders scurried, some retrieving their writing folders, while others split into small reading groups. Quiet descended as the readers read, and the writers worked on their acrostic ...more

At its meeting on September 23, the Carlisle Board of Appeals (BOA) continued to move toward the approval of Carlisle's first affordable housing development. Only two units in the eight-unit development on a four-acre parcel at 302 Lowell Road, known as Laurel Hollow, will be priced below the market. The other units, all two-bedrooms, will be at market price. ...more

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Approval of Minutes ...more

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