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Friday, October 3, 2003


CCHS teachers contract still in negotiations

Contract negotiations between the Concord-Carlisle teachers union and the Regional School Committee appear to have stalled, and some teachers are clearly unhappy. At the meeting of the Regional School Committee (RSC) on September 23, Chair Michael Fitzgerald mentioned that at the recent CCHS open house parents "were greeted by paraphernalia from the teacher's organization and it was a temporary lapse of judgment by the leader [of the teacher's union]."

Contacted later, parent Helen Lyons expressed surprise that the teachers were wearing name stickers with references to the on-going contract negotiations. "The labels said something about 'fair contracts,'" she commented. "It made me uncomfortable."

The prior contract officially expired last June. However, Fitzgerald pointed out in a telephone interview, the contract included "a sunset provision stating that the terms remain in place until a new contract is signed. So, actually the teachers are still under a contract," he said.

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