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Friday, October 3, 2003


Comcast to wire unserved areas

The Carlisle Cable Advisory Committee and the Board of Selectmen were notified by Comcast that they will provide cable services to areas in the north side of town that have never been wired. In an e-mail message to committee chair Darice Wareham on September 25, Comcast's Rob Travers said, in part: "We have begun construction on the extension that will provide service to the following streets:

Curve Street

Lowell Street (sections)

North Road

Old North Road

Cranberry Hill

Martin Street

Mill Pond Lane

"Construction is expected to be complete either in December or early January, hopefully sooner, but it will depend on the weather.

"The extension has been designed, and now construction is beginning. Cable and associated electronics need to be built, then the extension will need to be swept and certified. We will notify potential customers as soon as service is available in the area.

"After reviewing the maps of the remainder of the Town, it appears that the only remaining homes either require a long drop or are on private ways that could be cabled if residents contribute to the construction costs as per the line extension section of the License."

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