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Friday, October 3, 2003


CCHS after-school clubs and activities

There are many opportunities for after-school activities for students at the Concord Carlisle High School. For more information, see the CCHS 2003 - 2004 Activities Handbook, or contact the activity's faculty advisor:

Activity Advisor, Advisor's Department

Academic Bowl Team Mr. Atlas, Mathematics

Amnesty International Mr. Hoblitzelle, Social Studies

Art Club Mr. Lidner, Mr. Pickman, Art

Chess Club Mr. Bookis, Mathematics

Drama Club Mr. Brown, Music

Environmental Club Mr. Kuczewski, Science

Junior State Ms. Glazer, Social Studies

Language Club Foreign Language Department Staff

Literary Magazine (Reflections) Mrs. Smith, Library

Math Team Ms. June Patton, Mathematics

Model U.N. Mr. Bodenrader, Social Studies

Moot Court Mr. Cleary, Social Studies

Musical Mr. Brown, Music

Newspaper (The Voice) Mr. Nurenberg, English

Outdoor Club Ms. Giunta

Pep Band Mr. Dentino, Music

Percussion Club Mr. Pohl, Foreign Language

Political Journal,(The Third Wing) Ms. Fox, Social Studies

Radio Station (WIQH) Mr. Roos

Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) Mr. Yered, Mathematics

Science Fiction Club - Horizons Mr. Nurenberg and Mr. Sapp, English

Science Olympiad Team Ms. Beauvais, Science

Spectrum Mr. Kendall, Social Studies

and Ms. Kirshtein, Guidance

Teaching Our Youngsters Science (TOYS) Ms. Berlin, Science

Unity Club Ms. Richmond, English

Yearbook (The Bridge) Mr. Kuczewski, Science

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