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Friday, September 26, 2003


On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the fortunes of the Red Sox were on the mind of many baseball fans at the Carlisle transfer station. The infamous "Curse of the Bambino" dates back to 1920 when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $100K. After winning the World Series in 1918, the Red Sox could not reach a long-term agreement ...more

Name: Dolichovespula maculata or Bald-faced Hornet. Common names are troublesome things. This creature is not truly a hornet. Hornets are members of the genus, Vespa. Ground-nesting yellowjackets are members of the genus Vespula, and aerial-nesting yellowjackets like the bald-faced "hornet" are in the genus Dolichovespula. ...more

Sometimes it takes a new exhibit to draw people to Lowell, our closest city. Runway Madness, a photo exhibit on New York's fashion shows at the American Textile History Museum, is one reason to visit. ...more

I remember driving past the Grange Hall as a kid. It was a mystery. Having spent my whole life in the suburbs, I had no idea what a "grange" was. Then one day it was gone. Not exactly gone, but converted into a home, a grange hall no more. Carlisle was just that much less rural, less agricultural, and the era of the grange here had come to an end. ...more

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