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Friday, September 26, 2003


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, September 17

Waters Foundation grants. This is the seventh year the Carlisle Public School has received a Waters Foundation grant to help integrate the application of systems thinking and systems dynamics (a series of computer programs that model cause and effect feedback loops) in the curriculum of all grades of the Carlisle Public School. Grade 8 mathematics teacher Rob Quaden and systems mentor Alan Ticotsky are working to enhance student learning by the students of all grade levels on the techniques of systems thinking. The two teachers are also writing a book on non-computer systems lessons developed over the years in the Carlisle classes. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson said she was pleased the two teachers have distributed to the entire staff of the school the first newsletter, The Behavior Over Time, on related courses and subject matter.

CEF, CSA help pay for mold damage. The School Committee accepted the gift of $4,000 from the Carlisle Education Foundation (CEF) to help defray the costs of cleaning up the mold which had reared its ugly head in the school buildings after the damp and rainy summer. Teachers continue to find damage to books and personal papers stored over the summer beyond the more noticeable items such as rugs and curtains. The school administration has notified the Carlisle Finance Committee about this added expense but Fox-Melanson said they hope to make up the costs over the year. "Some intended school purchases have been withdrawn to try to make up for the added costs of removing the mold." The Carlisle School Association (CSA) has also agreed to contribute $5,000 to this cause.

Wastewater treatment plant. School Committee Chair David Dockter-man said the Warrant for the Fall Town Meeting on November 10 includes two Articles for the school. One Article asks the town to ap-prove funding for the construction of a new water treatment plant and leaching field for the school. The present school septic system has been declared "in failure" since the construction of the Grant Building. A second Article will ask for an undetermined amount for the superintendent search. Superintendent Fox-Melanson will end her term in June 2004.

Criminal record checks. According to new regulations every new teacher and volunteer must sign permission papers for a Criminal Records Offenders Information (C.O.R.I.) check every three years. Any adult who plans to be with or work with a student alone must go through this process. "This requires a tremendous amount of work and time," said Fox-Melanson. She and her secretary are the only ones privy to the information received.

No parking at Highland School. The circle in front of the Highland School is solely for drop-offs and pick-ups for Carlisle School special needs students. Teachers and artists at the Umbrella with studios in the Highland School must park in the regular school campus lot. This is explicitly noted in the Umbrella's lease of the building.

A wish list. CSC member and representative to the Regional School Committee Nicole Burkel wondered out loud whether the Carlisle School could develop a "wish list" of specific needed items. This list might be helpful if someone from the community would like to make a donation to the school.

Sixth-grade Spaghetti Supper. The sixth-grade Spaghetti Supper will be held on Tuesday, October 7. Tickets may be purchased from any sixth-grade student or at Daisy's Market.

Fall sports schedules. The varsity field hockey roster has 23 eighth and seventh-graders. The junior varsity field hockey squad has 14 players from grade 6. The cross country team has 37 runners equally divided between boys and girls. The home invitational meet will be October 9 at Great Brook Farm State Park off Lowell Street.

The boys and girls soccer squads each have 12 players from the Carlisle Middle School. They will play teams from the surrounding towns of Sudbury, Concord, Hanscom, Bedford, Ayer (The Parker School) and Lincoln. A little over 100 students from the middle school are enrolled in the after school sports programs.

Gift wrap fund-raiser. The Carlisle School Association is selling gift wrap. The money raised last year supported two major programs at the school: cultural enrichment and teacher-requested grants.

October parent events. The date for the Middle School Parent Night is October 2, and the Elementary School Parent Night is October 9. The next "Dialogues with Davida," an opportunity to meet with the Superintendent, will be held at 9 a.m. in the Spalding Conference Room on October 17.

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