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Friday, September 26, 2003


Shorts from the Conservation Commission, September 18

Ashley and Laurel Stephenson filed an amended notice of intent to their previously approved proposal for the restoration of the main house, garage and barn at 397 River Road. Their request was simply to reorient the barn site which would create no disturbance of the buffer zone and use less pavement in the driveway. Haybales from their previously approved proposal are still in place and the amended order of conditions was approved.

Heidi Baxter and Richard Parker filed a notice of intent for construction of a house at 875 West Street. Joe March of Stamski and McNary presented their plans for the house and driveway and associated grading on a site which has 3.6 acres of wetlands. ConsCom suggested additional soil testing with an eye to re-siting the proposed house to reduce buffer zone impact. The hearing was continued until the first meeting in October.

Assurance Technology filed a notice of intent for a sewage disposal upgrade at 152 South Street, which was necessitated by a failed septic system. The Board of Health has approved a variance and ConsCom approved, with a standard order of condtions.

The continued hearing for the notice of intent filed by Chris Fielding for a house and drive on the lot that was the former Greenough property was closed and the proposed plan approved with a standard order of conditions. Members of the Commission were not satisfied with the design, particularly with its accommodation to wetlands factors presented by the site. "I'd like to get wetlands into the planning process rather than in the construction," said Commissioner Smith, and Commissioner Lee conceded that, though the plan was not entirely satisfactory from some points of view, "you have met the letter of the law," and the proposal would be approved. Part of the Commission's problem was caused by a misstatement in the specifications which referred to a paved road rather than the contemplated gravel road.

The continued hearing on Eliot Weisman's notice of intent for installation of a septic system and retaining wall on Partidge Lane was approved.

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