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Friday, September 26, 2003


Shorts from the FinCom, Sept. 17

Cutting cost of town government. Finance Committee member Deb Belanger proposed assembling a team of department heads to examine ways to cut costs in town government. The committee would look at sharing resources, eliminating marginal services, consolidating purchasing, and outsourcing. Fincom Chair Lisa Jensen-Fellows' suggestion that the committee focus on finding points of efficiency between school and town was well-received. Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie noted the school-town shared Internet service "is cost-effective for both." Data services and maintenance contracts are other areas to examine. The proposal will be forwarded to the Selectmen.

Tax bills delayed. Due to the August death of Town Clerk and Accountant Sarah Andreassen, tax bills will be delayed till mid-October. The FinCom will recommend borrowing from the stabilization fund to solve a cash-flow problem.

Quarterly tax bills? Quarterly billing will be looked at again as a possible solution to cash-flow crunches.

Found money? Overlay accounts from past years, set up to provide money for tax abatements and unpaid taxes, contain substantial funds that might now be transferred to the town budget.

Next meeting. The October 22 FinCom meeting was changed to October 21. The preliminary guideline will be discussed.

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