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Friday, September 26, 2003


Shorts from the Selectmen,

September 16

Uniform tax rates. Because there are few businesses in Carlisle, Town Assessor John Speidel told the Board of Select-men that raising the commercial tax rate was "not really worth it" as a way to generate more tax revenue, and the Selectmen voted to keep the tax rate the same for all types of real estate and personal property taxes. Selectman Tim Hult said that taxes should be related to the cost of services (e.g. fire, police, school) provided by the town, and did not see the town providing businesses with more services than were given to homeowners.

Local government early retirement incentive tabled. The Selectmen decided not to take action on a temporary state program offering non-teacher municipal employees an incentive to retire early. The board felt that the program would cost Carlisle money to implement, and would not be fair to employees who retired in years when the program was not offered. Three employees expressed interest in participating in such a program. The deadline for town's to enroll in the program is November 1.

Committee assignments. Selectmen Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine will serve on the new committee to review the planning board's cell tower report. Selectman Tim Hult will serve on the school superintendent search committee.

River Road update. Town Admin-istrator Madonna MacKenzie notified the board that a replanting plan has been agreed to by Joseph Campagna of River Road, (who had removed trees from abutting town property in November of 2001.) The tree planting is scheduled to be completed this month.

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